Session Descriptions

This symposium will be organized into 3 sessions. Each session will cover a specific topic related to the ethics of preclinical detection viewed through the lens of either Autism Spectrum Disorders, Schizophrenia, and Alzheimer’s Disease, respectively.The progression of each session will allow attendees to experience how the ethical issues surrounding preclinical detection arise through three disorders that arise at specific developmental time points.  Each session will include talks from a scientific expert on the disorder, a prominent ethicist, and a testimonial from patient or family member


Session 1

This session will have a special focus on the ethics of conducting preclinical research (informed consent, how to communicate with patients notions of “risk” and trying to convince parents of infants to continue in the study if they don’t believe the “high risk” assessment) while focusing on Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Including talks from  Dr. Cherly Klaiman and Dr. Paul Root Wolpe.  

Session 2

This session will have a special focus on the ethics of interventions/treatment to patients who are considered prodromal for schizophrenia, given high risk for physical harm for the developing brain for adolescents who may never actually develop schizophrenia).
Including talk from Dr. Elaine Walker  and Dr. Donna Chen

Session 3

This session will have special focus on the ethics of delivering a preclinical diagnosis given the risks for stigma (as well as impact on insurability) for Alzheimer’s Disease.
Including talk from Dr. Allen Levey and Dr. Dena Davis